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and now, try our new chocolate chip cookie 90 calorie brownie. captions paid for by nbc-universal television it is rocking here on fun day monday, september 3, 2012. we hope you're enjoying this beautiful labor day weekend. how has yours been? >> terrific. i can't believe the end of summer is here. >> and you are wearing white. >> so there. >> in protest. >> is this the last day you're allowed to wear it allegedly? >> who are these people that say you can't wear it any more? >> is the deal you can't wear
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white white? >> i don't listen to those people, hoda. >> you wear what you want? >> i do, i do. it's a federal holiday observed on the first monday in september to honor workers, which is hopefully not enough of news this country, right? it's the symbolic end of summer. when i was growing up, people always went right back to school after. now kids are going like to school earlier. >> there is a new trend for those newlyweds. they take their traditional wedding photos and all that stuff. >> they are all so posed. i don't like the posed ones so much. >> that's another thing. how about these? this is going to freak you out or gross you out? these are called the day-after photos. couples are taking sexy photos of the day after their wedding, if you know what i'm saying. these are taken by a new jersey photographer.
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her name is michelle >> oh, my god, the pants down. look what's happening here. so this has been like an add-on package. now look what you do for $650, you get the wedding pictures and the day after. >> first of all, i don't want a stranger in my home taking pictures of me at a time like that. that's weird. i think it's bizarre. >> are they just for the couple or do you send them out? >> it's your christmas card. how do i know? these days, why not? >> and why do you need that picture to remember that, you know, you had sex on your wedding night? >> it just is excess. when do you quit? when do you start saying, all right, we had a beautiful wedding, when is it enough is the question?
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when are you going to be satisfied that something is a lovely memory and you have your pictures. i said something this morning to a reporter. i never said it before. it made, even for me, sense. there are people in this world who want to make things happen. and there are people in this world who want to let things happen. i just said, you know what? i want to be one of those people that lets things happen. >> that's good. >> when you make things happen you get false stuff. it's not real. you can write that one down. >> that is a very good one. >> i might have to put it in "scandalous." >> what is "scandalous?" oh, your broadway show. there is psychology behind everything. there is psychology behind the type of suitcase that you lug around. what does your suitcase say
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about you? when i'm watching the conveyer belt come around with all the suitcases, i don't usually pay attention, i'm looking for mine. if there is a crazy or insane bag. i want to look to see who is picking that one up. i am curious to see whose bag is that one. or the one with the duct tape all around it. i want to know. that's the classy person. >> they do say if you like zany-colored luggage, you're an attention seeker or you want to spot your luggage. >> i cannot tell you how many times frank has walked off with the wrong person's underwear, right? it's usually for a serious seasoned traveler. >> usually you tie a bow or something. >> i had the same luggage, and it was very expensive, but i bought it 30 years ago. >> you still have it?
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>> yep. it was expensive and it lasts. >> the people who carry on, only carry on. you stuff it in the overhead. >> hey, your tone. >> no. that's me. i carry on and i jam it -- my bag barely fits in the overhead, but you should watch me get it in there. >> i've seen you. >> i am like, no, no, no, this is going there. maybe you should take stuff out? oh, let me unzip and take a pile out and zip it. no. i can maneuver it. >> and you're never embarrassed. >> never. >> and you're never aware of fact you are taking so much freaking time to do that. >> i'm mindful. you can go, i'm going to have to put this up. go ahead. then i jam it and maneuver it. i can make it work. it's still inconvenient for others. >> but you don't care. >> do you pack last minute or are you one of those people if you're going on a big trip you start a day or two before?
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>> i plan. how about you? >> no. i jam it in. the thing i learned from our own show because i pay attention to some of the segments. when you wrap it up. >> you roll it. >> that saves so much space. >> and you don't have wrinkles after. >> i know. >> did you know there is a viral video how to ride a bike? >> a kid posted this on facebook or maybe her parents did. a woman named jackie. look at her kid. she can't make turns, oh, and boom. >> oh, my gosh! >> let me explain about what just happened. in this room, not on the video, the room. >> there are two kinds of people on the planet. people who enjoy this and watch and laugh hysterically and people who go, oh, my gosh. amanda and tammy are hysterically laughing. jerry is laughing. i was cringing. >> they are still laughing. that's good. the girl's crying. let's watch it again. careful, oh!
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look at lesley. this is sick. >> it keeps working. >> jim is laughing. >> now if antoine is laughing, i'm stunned. >> i don't ever laugh at those videos except one. >> the old lady on the escalator? hoda! >> i never laughed. she was clawing her way up the escalator. i don't know why that made me laugh. it was awful. >> because it wasn't your mother or grandmother. >> i know. anyway, i love that one. >> they asked kids what they want to be when they grow up and doctor is still the number one thing. number four, veterinarians. >> i can see where kids would like that.
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athletes is number three. teachers -- there are a bunch of them. performers if you look at all those again, those are all things kids have come in contact with. a teacher, a vet they love. >> they love animals. >> 39% of parents would not allow or discourage their kid or would discourage them from becoming a reality tv star. then we wouldn't have honey boo boo. >> i love honey boo boo. >> you were tweeting about her. >> i just did hashtag honey boo boo. >> we should have a honey boo boo moment. just randomly. just boom, there it is. >> and let it breathe. don't try to control honey boo boo, let her be who she is. >> if you thought mondays were your most miserable day of the week because it's the start of the week and you have a long week ahead. ♪ manic monday >> no, it's not. they say it's not just monday
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that you're miserable. it's also tuesday, wednesday and thursday. you're not happy until friday. does that mean people hate what they do for a living? is there a day of the week you hate? >> i don't like sunday nights. sunday afternoon/sunday nights because the weekend is over. >> you hate being with me the next day? >> just on monday. the other days are fine, usually. >> we have our fun day monday. we'll have our favorite things. i apologize in advance for the condition of these bags. it's been a couple of weeks since i went to that infamous kennedy wedding. while i was there, cass and i went to a salon called pini. it's a lovely man from israel. he is a fabulous hairdresser who does tom brady and a lot of different people. while getting our hair done, he serves us these candies. this is unbelievable. his son started this company.
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>> they are like skittles. >> it's called unreal candy. they try to recreate the best-selling candies without corn syrup, artificial colors, favors and preservatives. they reduce the sugar by 40%. they are 40% less calories because of the sugar content. >> i had the peanut butter cups. they are amazing. >> prices range 89 cents to $1.29. it's called unreal candy. >> if you're looking for the most comfortable t-shirt, you guys, i love -- >> you wear this in the morning all the time. >> this is by a company called head rush. it's a little bit see-through. you can still wear a bra with it, but it looks cute. it cinches is. >> you're an egyptian goddess. >> they are pricey. they are 45 bucks. i washed this one.
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i've worn it. i wear it with jeans and converse. >> we are sick of it. >> what is it called? >> head rush. >> i love it. you look adorable. >> mine is an app for the iphone and ipad. i wanted to hold it up first because that is the icon. it's called flip board, a social magazine that aggregates everything from your news to facebook and twitter. it turns it into a personalized reading. each morning i come in i get the news, but i get to see what friends are posting, twitter. it's flip board and it's free. even kathie lee would love it. >> i would love that. >> this is delicious. >> happy for you. >> come get some candy. >> summer may be coming to an end, but there is something to look forward to.
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labor day is the unofficial start of fall which means sweaters and boots, fall foods and fall entertainment. >> here toe give you a sneak peek of all the shows you should be tuning into this weekend, "entertainment weekly" senior writer mr. tim stat. >> we love our tim. >> overall, it's a good season coming up? >> the fall is such a mix. it's award season starting, and you have the big movies because it's a holiday. >> "the twilight" series. we've been waiting for the next one. >> obviously, this is "breaking dawn, part two," the final installment of "twilight." >> thank you. >> i'm going to be neutral on this. it obviously has much more
2:20 am
attention put on it because of rob and kristin breaking up. >> the irony is they never went public. >> they outed her relationship with the apology. >> will the press hurt or help? >> i think it will help. the fans will want to see these two bela and edward be together. >> the premiere is going to be interesting and all the press they have to do for it. >> awkward! hello, awkward and weird and they already are kind of awkward and weird. >> the daniel craig film. >> "sky fall." who knows what that means, who knows? but it's daniel craig. it's his third time. look, he's shirtless. his third time playing bond.
2:21 am
we don't know what it's about. we don't know what sky fall means. it involves judi dench's character. >> judi dench and helen mirren, i am in. >> ralph feinnes is in this one. it's going to be crazy. >> let's talk about the next one. there is a film version of "les miz." >> i'm dying to see that. hugh jackman. >> request he's jean valjean. the musical has been around forever. anne hathaway is singing now as fantine. >> and they are singing live. >> it's tom hooper who directed "the king's speech." she lost a lot of weight for it. russell crowe is javier. helena bon carter.
2:22 am
>> who is "master of the house?" >> sasha cohen. >> i'm asking for more, please. ♪ on my own >> let's move on. there is leo dicaprio teaming up with jamox >> it's kind of a spaghetti western. >> tongue and cheek. >> it's after the civil war. jamie foxx plays a free slave who goes after leo dicaprio who bought his wife. >> it's a comedy. >> it's a comedy. >> this is an oscar contender? >> quinton tarantino always is oscar-worthy.
2:23 am
>> he has such interesting choices. he's so smart that way. >> tv. there is a show i saw advertised on another network called "nashville." that looks juicy. >> it's so good. i shouldn't say this, but it's on abc, wednesday at 10:00. a taylor swift up-and-comer. connie briton is the best. >> this r is this an "all about eve" kind of thing? >> it's about nashville, discovering new talent. it's shot on location. they do all original new music. >> it's a little like "smash" but it's more realistic. the singing comes out of natural reasons because they are performing. >> you mean they don't break into song in the middle of an interview? >> are they both actually
2:24 am
singing in that? >> they are actually singing and they're good. >> connie is so talented. i love that lady. >> "the mindy project." >> she was on "the office" for years. this is her first series on her own. it's called "the mini project." she plays a brigitte jones ob-gyn. she is struggling with being single and her job and everything. it's very funny. it's like the new girl. it's centered around her. it's her first shot at being a star. >> on nbc, there is "the new normal." >> it's the first attempt at a half hour sitcom. a guy couple who decide to have a baby via surrogate. >> and ellen barkin?
2:25 am
sparks will fly. >> exactly. barkin's barking. >> i'm a little nipsy russell. no one knows. >> i love him. google him. >> it's very funny, very sweet. it's about this guy couple, this single mom who come together. >> what do you hear that's coming to broadway, anything? >> i don't know. i'm hearing rumblings of something called "scandalous" maybe? >> you are such a bad friend, you know that? >> i hear wonderful things. i heard the producers are crazy. >> it's broadway, baby. thank you. we love our tim man. somebody out there is our lucky fan of the week. >> maybe, it could be you. >> and do i see my big willie over there? >> yes, you do. big willie's in the house. it is time to announce our fan of the week.
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head north, to someplace pristine like acadia national park. there is nothing like the parks this time of year. the falling leaves, the crisp air, the perfect inspiration for air wick's fall collection. yeah, when i smell all those things, i know fall is in the air. the fall collection brought to you by air wick and the national park foundation. something in the air wick.
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it is time to announce our fan of the week. >> who is it? >> this week it is joseph crisalli from texas. he works from home as an author and historian and guarantees your pairing as hosts will go down in history as one of the best. few things move him to poety. morning brings two faces delightful, witty and charming delightful they offer bright smiles with a glass of fine wine. congratulations, joseph. we are sending you to ithaca. >> stop it. >> the new york finger lakes. you'll enjoy a three-night stay at la tourelle resort and spoke. >> ithaca. >> that is gorgeous. thank you so much. >> thank you.
2:31 am
>> get ready for a food fight over breakfast. see if you can pick the best foods to start your day. blapg blank
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2:33 am
♪ >> we are back on this fun day monday, labor day. the other view when we get a guy's perspective on what they are really thinking. >> to answer your burning questions, our friend and hotty, big willie geist. co-host of "morning joe" on msnbc. >> every time i come it gets more egregious with you. last time you were that close. i love it. i'm not complaining. >> it's what happens. he'll start sweating in a minute.
2:34 am
>> first question from jody. i've been seeing a guy for three weeks now. when should i ask him how he feels about me, am i his friend or girlfriend? >> it's a scary conversation for a guy. first things first, if seeing the guy means what i think it means, you're not friends and you'll never be friends. you cross the rubicon. >> do you lose respect for us when we are too easy too early? >> i don't think you lose respect but shaves the way you view long-term prospect. maybe this isn't who i will spend the rest of my life. with it doesn't mean it can't become that. >> how many days where you don't feel that way about the girl, it might be the right time and be a long-term prospect. >> you mean to see the person? i like to wait till the first date. but i was raised a different way. i don't think there is any harm having fun on that first date. >> okay. let's go to sara again. >> next up is laurie. i've been single six years.
2:35 am
i recently joined a dating site. what needs to be on the profile for you to want to actually meet me? >> i have to confess, i've never been on a dating site. i met my wife when i was 11 years old, before the internet was invented or running water, for that matter. honesty is good. a lot of people put that photograph up that looks nothing like them. >> they put up raquel welch in "2 million years b.c." and dr. ruth shows up. >> the guy is going out the back door. >> not that dr. ruth isn't adorable, but don't lie about it. >> be honest about your life. put it out there it's better to do it there. maybe you find someone going through the same things and wants to be with you. >> a lot of people on those sites tell you you have to do a close-up picture and wear something sexy what would you want the person wearing in a
2:36 am
photo? >> i want it to look good. not a cocktail dress. you're trying too hard. something that looks casual. blow out the hair some? what do do you? >> we blow out the hair. >> don't overshare. i don't want to know that you love "harry potter" books. too much. depressing. >> lindsey, i'm trying to diet. my husband is not. he doesn't need to. how do i get him onboard to kick his unhealthy habits. he thinks he can have soda pop, snack cakes, but it's harder for me. >> age and gravity will dictate that. he'll get fat and that's good for you because he'll go on a diet. but also find a diet, if you want him to participate, one that is palatable to him. my wife was doing a cleanse once. i won't name the place. i did it for three days and i almost jumped off the brooklyn bridge. i couldn't take it. it was asparagus juice and these horrible inventive plants no one
2:37 am
ever heard. get him a diet with chicken and vegetables. >> then let him have a little snack once in a while. >> careful. >> that's not even an innuendo. this is sexual harassment. >> it made the upper lip glisten. >> that's it? >> we can only take so much big willie. >> wow. >> jewelry, shoes and belts, accessories for fall. now on "today's style" hot accessories for the fall. as the weather cools down, it's when a carpet is clean and fresh, it's irresistible. experience this in your home with resolve deep clean powder. its moist powder penetrates deep, removing three times more dirt than vacuuming alone while also neutralizing odors at their source. it's a clean you can see, smell, and really enjoy. resolve deep clean powder. don't just vacuum clean, resolve clean.
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now on "today's style" hot accessories for the fall. as the weather cools down, it's time to trade in your flip-flops for fall shoes and cool accessories. >> from this season's freshest styles of pointy-toe pumps. "in style" fashion editor has something for absolutely everybody. >> good morning. thank you.
2:42 am
>> we are going to go through the shoes and the jewelry and the belts. >> we'll start with the shoes. we've seen this before in different incarnations. >> certainly the pointy toes, stiletto-style heels, we are seeing it now in bold colors. like the cap toe, metallics, the shoe boot coming back again. >> with an open toe. >> feels strange to me. it looks weird. got to be honest. >> it's versatile. you can wear these with tight for a modern interpretation. you've got a two-tone version here. patent leather great for rainy days. men's wear styled flats. style these with feminine looks. >> and we'll show you how to wear these correctly. sometimes we wear them with the wrong things. >> lots of statement jewelry happening here.
2:43 am
we have night iterations of chain link necklaces and multistrands. you can mix metals here. it looks great. colorful gemstone jewelry, which is very regal. we've been talking about regal things lately. and we've got great color. great for the little black dress or dressing up a t-shirt and jeans. >> i like these cuffs, too. >> this is a fund trend. this is the wonder woman effect. you wear one on each arm and you don't need to wear any other accessories. it's a powerful elegant statement. >> i've done it on occasion, but i was alone at the time. >> and the belts, we are seeing a lot of skinny, but in great colors, lots of hardware. we also have the snake skin, crocodile skin, opting for the faux option here. you can incorporate color, as well. >> show us how to wear these pointy toe shoes correctly like our first model.
2:44 am
>> aileen is wearing this grade red jacket with these levi jeans. we've got her in the pointy toe heels. the pointy tow heels has a capped toe which makes the look fashion forward. we've got her in the double cuffs, as well. nothing too big. it's a nice statement and fresh way to wear the cuffs. >> that casual chanel look. >> the bag is great. the jacket is under $100. >> here are the flats. >> we've got her in great, very feminine floral high capri
2:45 am
pants. we could have put her in great heels, but we put her in some flats. it looks great. and we put her in gemstone jewelry to play off the floral print of the pants. >> and our final model. the shoe boots. >> here's jane jetson. >> we've got her in the skinny belt. this is a great sheath dress. we've got the skinny belt, a chain link necklace. it's more subdued than the other options. to make it look youthful and fashion forward, we've got her in the great shoe boot. >> cool. >> congratulations to you. baby on the way. >> thank you. breakfast battle begins. >> hoda and i get into a food >> heading into the first full week of september, good morning, i'm meteorologist crystal yeager. one happens to be here in the southeast. is there's a cold front and still some circulation left over from isaac. showers and storms will move back into the northeast, especially late in the day. looking pretty quiet elsewhere. we'll watch out for a few storms
2:46 am
elsz where. 104 in dallas, 78 and comfortable. now, by wednesday, the system slowly moves to the east. et's going to keep weather settled officer many and with that cold front pushing through, you will have it through thunderstorms. we're looking at some hot and muggy days for louisiana into mississippi and alabama. 76, how about that minneapolis behind the front. it's going the cool off quite a bit here. plenty of heat still across the plains. very summer like as we continue to move right through september here. 79 in chicago by friday with a few late-day storms. on saturday, more unsettled in the east. moves its way east ward.
2:47 am
sunday looks a little bit better across the southeast. maybe a few storms in new york city up into the boston area. dry across the nation's heartland. that's about it for sunday's forecast. you can wake up with al weekday mornings at 6:00 a.m. on the weather channel. why should golfers take 5-hour energy? playing golf all day can make you tired. i've been taking the product for about a year. and, after taking 5-hour energy, i feel more energized. i have more energy. you know, i'm not tired anymore after taking it. i was skeptical but i decided one day i'd try it. 5-hour energy works fast. i have the energy to get through a meeting, to get through a workout. it keeps me alert for a long period of time, and keeps me going. on or off the course, play with energy, 5-hour energy.
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it's time for madelyn's food fight. from bagels and muffins to egg and yogurts, there are lots of food we love to grab first thing in the morning. >> but do we know what's in them? >> no. >> madelyn is going to test our knowledge. >> and make fools of us once again. >> who doesn't love breakfast. let's start with cereal. let's begin with four of the top-selling cereals in america. which one has the lowest amount of added sugar? listen carefully. frosted flakes, honey nut cheerios, honey bunches of oats or cinnamon toast crunch. >> has the most sugar? >> the least. it's not honey nut cheerios. >> it is frosted flakes. >> no.
2:50 am
it is honey bunches of oats. just 6 grams, that's 1 1/2 teaspoons. >> i'm sorry, it was facing the other direction. >> it was too hard to see. >> how about fruit? >> okay. i love fruit. >> many of us eat it plain or on top of cereal. we have three different fruits. which one of these per serving has the most fiber? one cup of blackberries, medium banana or 1/2 cup of raisins. >> that's you. >> the blackberries. >> you're right. >> that's almost half your fiber. >> i was going to say blackberries. >> they're all good. you told us they are the best things. >> do bananas make you constipated? >> they do bind you up a little bit. >> thank you for telling me that.
2:51 am
>> having a problem? >> no. just don't eat those. >> we'll pay a visit to dunkin' donuts. which one has the lowest number of calories? is it a frosted donut? is it a cinnamon raisin bagel or a low-flat blueberry muffin. >> i know exactly what it is. it is the donut. >> it's the donut at 270. >> how do you know that? >> it's a low-fat muffin at 410. >> muffins are like eating a chunk of cake. bagels are full of calories. >> everybody is trying to eat protein for breakfast. >> not everybody. >> if you're looking for protein for breakfast, which is the best way to get the most of it? is it going to be in two hard-boiled eggs, a cup of greek yogurt or fortified cereal? >> i may be wrong but i love the two eggs for protein. >> i'm going with the yogurt.
2:52 am
>> it's got twice as much as both of these. you can finish up strong now. bacon three ways. we have regular bacon made from pork, turkey bacon and canadian bacon. which one of these has the lowest amount of fat? >> it would be turkey bacon. >> no, it's not. regular bacon. >> how could you get this wrong? it's canadian bacon. it is lean. just two grams of fat. the fat with turkey bacon and regular bacon are about the same. >> what if you cook it and dab it with a paper towel? >> that helps, too. good idea. >> i don't eat any of this stuff. >> one more. two quick ones. hush puppies are a southern favorite. does this serving of hush puppies have more or less than 350 calories? >> way more. >> way less. >> exactly. 50 in one little ball. tiebreaker. pancakes and syrup. always a favorite. does this plate with 1/2 cup of syrup and pat of butter, more or less than 650 calories?
2:53 am
>> i say less. >> no. it has more. it has 700. >> what did i win? >> what do you do with this pan? >> this pan has been used. it's from the kitchen. look, it has eggs on it. >> this is "today" on nbc. if you're throwing a labor day party, chances are there are going to be a few accidents around the house, whether it's mustard on the shirt or grease [ male announcer ] research suggests the health of our cells plays a key role throughout our entire lives. ♪ one a day men's 50+ is a complete multi-vitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. ♪
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walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur. alcohol may increase these risks. allergic reactions, such as tongue or throat swelling, occur rarely and may be fatal. side effects may include unpleasant taste, headache, dizziness and morning drowsiness. ask your doctor if lunesta is right for you. then find out how to get lunesta for as low as $15 at there's a land of restful sleep. we can help you go there on the wings of lunesta. if you're throwing a labor
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day party, chances are there are going to be a few accidents around the house, whether it's mustard on the shirt or grease stain on the couch, no house is accident proof. >> here is the accidental housewife and featured columnist for "parent and child." she is julie edelman but we call her edel-woman. >> i am so proud. don't let it dry. if it does, any stain you're going to see here today. mustard and ketchup are the biggest ones. all these are simple and less than a few pennies to clean. i'm going to use hand sanitizer because it has alcohol and it also has glycerine. >> here is where the blotting starts. >> don't forget you always want to put something underneath.
2:57 am
>> how many times have we see edel-woman tell us that. >> ketchup is another thing. you want to remove the stain. >> stop inviting these people over. >> or go to their house and not care. >> lemon juice is like a bleaching agent. put it directly on. some people put it in a bowl, but why bother? then use the rind to get the stain out. >> but you're not blotting. >> this is different. >> look at that.
2:58 am
that's great. >> what if your shirt is not right, will the lemon ruin the color? >> good question. you want to pretest an area that is inconspicuous. for corn on the cob, it's the oil when it plops on you that makes the stain. put powder on as i've done here. and use shaving cream. shaving cream is just compressed goop. you can shave, use your razor. these are all pretreaters. i know you're going to do all these. iced tea is a tanin stain which means it has dye in it. i make a paste with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. make a little paste like this. put that on, leave it. you can see the stain there. this has been on for about 30 minutes. look at that. >> one of your favorites, sangria. tooth paste and hydrogen peroxide again. put a little on which i've done here.
2:59 am
>> look at that. >> one of your favorites, sangria. tooth paste and hydrogen peroxide again. put a little on which i've done here. use a toothbrush. this had a major stain on it. look at that. there is nothing left here. >> will you leave the rest of it? >> i don't have time. >> lastly, the cushions. in case it didn't make it. i love this stuff. it's called nell's napa soap. under $1 for the whole bar. let's say we spill. you blot off what you can. water. then rub this stuff in. it lifts it right out. >> that's great. >> thank you, julie. >> come back and see us tomorrow. jamie lee curtis stopping by

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